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Just call me Ash

Thoughts on mental health, neurodiversity, polyamory and kink

The fear of not being exceptional


So, another entry in our long-running series “Things that scare Ash”. I’ll probably be writing a bunch more of them, feel free to skip.

3 min read

Dropping the masks


Note: this is a bit long and rambling, just a bunch of thoughts I’ve been having.

3 min read

The Murder Machine

Fiction, Horror
Content Warning: Gore, disturbing imagery
5 min read

I don’t want to be rewarded with sex


Something that has been stuck in my mind for a while now. My formative years were the 90s and I was very much brought up with the idea that as a guy, you had to earn a girl’s attention.

2 min read

My experiences getting a vasectomy


A few days ago there was talk about vasectomies again on my timeline, partially because of recent developments on US abortion law. I mentioned that I had meant to write about my experiences, so here goes.

6 min read