Library shelves with lightbulbs which cast a warm light.

Just call me Ash

Thoughts on mental health, neurodiversity, polyamory and kink

Emotional Bleed

Two bottles of ink, spilling and mixing

This week has been amazing and awful at the same time. Last weekend, my kitten tested positive for Covid. Since we’d seen each other a lot in the days before, chances were I’d caught it too, so I decided to stay with her for the week. The reasoning was two-fold: I didn’t want her to be home sick by herself, but also I didn’t want to risk making my nesting partner sick as well.

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My mom called me today to ask how I was doing. It was so good to hear her voice, to talk about how my day went.

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That moment of perfect compersion

Two hands seen in a sunset, making a heart-shape

I’ve written a lot about my fear and insecurities in connection with poly, so today, let me write about a moment of happiness and beauty.

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That one time in the elevator

An elevator control panel, in dark brushed metal.

When I was in my late 20s, my partner and I visited Yaoicon in San Francisco. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s a form of manga dealing with romance and sex between men, aimed mostly at women.

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