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Content warnings: Sexual activity

Last night’s party was amazing. I got to do some very lovely public play, and my kitten and I ended up having some lovely sexy times with friends on a couch.

This wasn’t the first we had done stuff in public, but last night I found myself thinking: “I want to see her suck his dick.”

The thought surprised me, since in the past this would have been exactly the kind of situation where I’d feel insecure or inadequate. So far she had kissed others in my presence, but nothing beyond that. I checked my own feelings, and noticed I just felt happy and relaxed. So, I whispered in her ear, and being a good little kitten she went over and started sucking him.

All I can say is: it was fucking amazing. In the mean time I was also receiving some lovely attention from another friend, and it all just felt so very natural. The sight of watching my kitten work her magic while giving me mischievous grins just turned me on even more.

None of this was planned, it all just happened organically and that just added to the amazing hotness of the situation.

It amazes me how much has changed, how much I have grown. I’m just very grateful to have this and looking forward to adventures to come!

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