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Just call me Ash

Thoughts on mental health, neurodiversity, polyamory and kink

The Bodycount Riddle

A stone statue of a Sphinx

Slowly you approach the Sphinx. It was a long journey, but the famed treasure is almost yours. All you need to do now, is answer the riddle.

2 min read

The Art of Doing Nothing

Someone laying in the grass, looking up at the sky.

As some of you may know, I’m a pretty devoted Bullet Journal user. It’s one of the few ADHD methods that really works for me, and I’ve been consistently using a Bullet Journal for close to 4 years now. That’s longer than pretty much any habit I’ve formed, except for morning coffee.

5 min read

Book talk: the day after Halloween

A person wearing grey socks, with a book and a pumpkin

I’d told myself that I’d give my book a fair shot by marketing it until Halloween. After that, I’d take a break. It’s been 2 months since I released the book, time to look back and reflect a bit.

5 min read