Ashtar Deza
by Ashtar Deza
2 min read


  • Erotica


  • daddy
  • scent
Content warnings: Erotica

Her scent is intoxicating to me. I breathe it in deeply on that first hug, as she whispers in my ear “I’ve missed you daddy”. I want to tell her that I’ve missed her too, that the week was long and I’ve missed the way her skin feels under my touch. I want to say that I love her and that I’m happy to be together again.

All that I manage is a low growl though as that scent wraps itself around me, and I yearn to bury my head where that scent is strongest. Taste her on my tongue, hear the soft moans as I explore her. Her clothes become an obstacle that must be removed at all cost. We had an awkward talk last time after I tore a pair of panties that she liked, but as my hands run up the back of her legs I notice that won’t be an issue this time since she didn’t bother to wear any. Good girl.

Up the dress goes, over her head and away. Hands roaming over her skin, so warm, so soft. Mine, all mine. I kiss her hard, my tongue finding hers and catching her lips with my teeth… Just a nibble here and there, a small edge, a taste of things to come.

My heart speeds up and it feels like fire is coursing through my veins. My right hand slides into her hair and grasps her firmly, bends her head to the side so I can sink my teeth into her neck. She moans in earnest now and it stirs something deep inside me. I want her, all of her. I want it here and I want it now.

My left hand finds the clasp of her bra behind her back and I manage to unhook it without letting go of her hair. The bra drops and she stands there dressed in nothing but that scent. I know she’s not perfect, neither of us is… But in that moment she is all I want, all I need. I would not change a single thing.

My mouth moves to her nipple, holding it between my teeth, teasing but fully aware of the sting of pain I’m causing. I can’t wait any longer, I need to taste her. I push her down to the bed, never letting go, staying close. Skin to skin, contact, connection, lightning.

I push her legs wide apart, fingers digging into her thighs in a way that I know will leave marks later on. Some part of my mind tells me to go slow, tease her. I ignore it. Not today. Today I want, today I need. As my tongue traces it’s first line across her lips, just touching her clit in the slightest I feel her tense and that scent is all around me now. Her taste on my lips. This is what I want, this is what I need. I am home.

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