Ashtar Deza
by Ashtar Deza
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  • Erotica


  • creampie
  • cum
Content warnings: Erotica

It’s been 4 days since my vasectomy, so it’s also been 4 days since I have cum. I’m not used to that, I hardly ever go more than 2 days without orgasming.

Seeing you walk past is enough to raise my temperature… the curve of your ass in your sweatpants, the full shape of your breasts that the hoodie can’t really hide as much as it may try. Your intoxicating scent every time I walk by to steal a kiss.

Not an hour ago I pinned you to the wall, grabbed your hair while my fingers found their way to your clit. Growling in your ear as I brought you to orgasm and made your knees buckle. Liquid kitten… the best kind.

Cum is a huge fetish for the both of us… a primal thing. So far we’ve always had to use condoms though. I wink at you and say: “It’s been 4 days.. Think it’s safe for me to cum?”

“I don’t know…” you say.

I give you a big mischievous grin and say “For science?” “For science” you concur.

A minute later we’re naked in bed, and where a minute ago I had a simple handjob in mind I now need to be inside you. Need to feel that closeness. In a single movement I push in you, feeling how absolutely soaked you still are. We lock eyes and you whisper “I’m in the green”, referring to the safe part of your cycle. It’s all the encouragement I need. I’ve wanted this ever since we met, needed it, craved it.

Your breath speeds up as we move together. It doesn’t take long at all and I explode inside you for the first time. A soft moan escapes your throat. As I pull back I see a thick stream of my cum slowly drip out of you. The feeling is powerful and ancient, and comes down to a single word.


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