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Content warnings: Sexual content

This writing has been brewing in my head for 2 days now but it hasn’t really solidified yet. I’ve decided to write it anyway, so apologies if it seems to ramble or not go anywhere.

Part of the procedure when getting a vasectomy is the 3-month check-in. Basically you have to cum in a cup and provide the still-warm semen sample to the hospital for them to check if it’s really free of sperm. Apparently there can be unripe sperm in the ducts, which mature after the procedure. After 3 months the last of them should be gone and you should be truly sterile. This test is meant to confirm that.

To make sure the test is conclusive they want an undiluted sample, meaning you’re not allowed to cum for 3 days before the test. My test was on a Tuesday morning, meaning that the last time I was allowed to cum was on Friday.

My Sundays with my girlfriend are pretty much sacred to me. We tend to spend our Sundays in bed, cuddling, having sex and talking. We both connect through sex so it’s a big part of our relationship.

This Sunday started as usual, with coffee and cuddles followed by naked cuddles in bed. I kissed her and rolled on top of her. At that point I just really needed to feel her, so I slid inside her. We moved slowly and deliberately. I wasn’t going to cum, so I didn’t speed up… I just focused on hitting that sweet spot inside her, feeling the tension build up in her. I realized I would be able to make her cum like that without any risk of me cumming, since I didn’t allow that building of tension to start within myself.

It didn’t take long for me to make her cum, and surprisingly I didn’t feel frustrated at all. In fact, I felt much the same I do when I give someone a really good beating and see them sink away in happy bliss.

We repeated this a couple of times, her orgasms growing stronger each time. I made her cum with fingers and tongue combined. After a few orgasms she started squirting all over me while I was inside her, giving me a huge rush. At one point she mentioned never having had a nipple orgasm and wanting to explore that. I thought to myself “no time like the present” and went for it. To my surprise she actually came from my playing with her nipples.

The day before she had been teasing me about 3 days of edging and how orgasm denial wasn’t my thing. I had been worried that I might feel frustrated, but instead I felt a rush of power. I was in full control of her orgasms and in full control of me. Since I didn’t cum my erection came back at full strength every time. I wasn’t trying to cum, so I was fully present. Not in my head, focused on her, playing her like an instrument.

We ended up thoroughly soaking the bed and in the end collapsed in a pile of tangled limbs. I felt warm, content, connected to her.

I wondered (and still wonder) if this is what tantric sex is like, so I resolved to read up on that. It was an amazing experience either way and I’m still processing it. But every time I think back I smile.

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