Sinking beneath the waves

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Ashtar Deza
by Ashtar Deza
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Content warnings: Kink, hypnosis, explicit mention of sexual acts

I’d been curious about hypno play for a while, but so far my interest was mostly theoretical. It sounded like something I could enjoy, but I wasn’t really sure where to start. I watched a few videos, read up on the Elman induction, but none of it really clicked for me yet.

Then, I had a lovely date with V, and she challenged me to just try it. I protested a bit, saying that I had no clue what I was doing, but she reassured me. Told me to just follow my intuition and see where it lead me.

So, I tried it. Since I needed to do something, I leaned into what I’m good at: I told her a story. I painted an image for her, transforming the bed she was laying on into the ocean, the waves gently carrying her. Then, I told her to sink beneath the surface, to feel the pressure of the water increasing. I described how the light faded as she sunk deeper and deeper beneath the waves.

It worked. In fact, it worked much better than I ever figured it would. But now what? I decided to be a little bit of a sadist, and I told her that the next time she saw my knife, she’d feel a strong urge to pee. At that moment she surprised me by asking for clarification. Deep in trance, yet she was able to ask if she’d really need to pee, or just feel the urge. I told her that it was just the urge, and then gently brought her back up, just as she’d shown me.

The moment of truth. I pulled out the knife, and she burst out giggling. It had worked. In fact, it worked so well that I immediately had to learn how to remove that suggestion so that she could look at my knife again without feeling like she needed to make a beeline for the bathroom.

We experimented more, and I let my imagination run free. I described to her how every time my cock entered her mouth, she’d feel it inside her pussy as well. She orgasmed from sucking me. After that, I made her orgasm whenever I ran my fingertips down her spine. It felt like magic.

On the next date, I went a step further and told her to leave most of herself on that ocean floor, and to only let a tiny slutty part of herself come back to the surface. I created the perfect little fucktoy, happy to just fuck and serve.

At this point I realised a few interesting things. I’d been drifting away from my dominant side, because often I feel bad being served. But here, having someone who in that moment really wanted nothing more than to pleasure: here I could let go. I didn’t feel bad about taking up that space. I hadn’t expected that, but it makes sense. It created a safe little box in which I could take what I wanted, and have clear boundaries set up.

So yeah, I love hypno. It fits how my mind works, and it’s an amazing tool that ticks a lot of my boxes. I’m really, really grateful that I got to safely experiment, knowing I had an experienced subject who was able to keep herself safe in the event that I’d mess up.

Maybe I’ll be able to write more in-depth later, but right now the main sentiment I wanted to share is: holy shit, this is hot!

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