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Content warnings: Sexual content

Fucktoys (homo ludicrum futuetum) are a delightful subspecies of human that can bring an owner much joy and pleasure if well cared for.

Fucktoys can be found in varieties of all genders, but today’s lecture will focus on the female variety. Some of this advice may be applied to other genders as well at the owner’s discretion.

As the name suggests, a Fucktoy craves to be fucked. This can be as simple as a lazy Sunday morning fuck in the bedroom, or as elaborate as a full candle-lit orgy with proper costumes (For more examples of this, we’d refer to Eyes Wide Shut).

To keep your Fucktoy in proper working condition you should fuck her as often as possible. Most Fucktoys will respond especially well to being pulled out of an every-day situation, only to have their holes filled seconds later. When doing this you might notice your Fucktoys Fuckhole becoming exceedingly wet. Some might even start to project moisture onto you, a behaviour known as “squirting”. Do not be alarmed, this is perfectly natural behaviour and in fact means that your Fucktoy is happy and content at being used.

Experienced Fucktoy owners will often tell you to start at the Upper Fuck Hole before proceeding to the Front Lower Fuckhole, but this advice is strongly dependant on your specific Fucktoy. Many Fucktoys actually respond really well to having their FLFH handled immediately, preferably in public settings.

Also be sure to let your Fucktoy know that she is in fact your Fucktoy and that her purpose in this world is to be fucked by you. For added effect reminding her that she serves as a receptacle for your cum can also be beneficial.

If handled correctly, your Fucktoy should emit soft purring noises while your cum leaks out of Fuckhole. Remember: a cum-soaked, fucked senseless Fucktoy is a happy Fucktoy!

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